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I am a qualified nature guide, accredited and certified by AIGAE, the official professional association of Interpretive Nature Guides in Italy. I have been trained to lead walking tours in the outdoors with the highest standards of safety, skill, and professionalism to offer you the very best possible experience.


I specialise in nature walks in various regions and destinations of Italy, from the verdant UNESCO Prosecco Hills to the world-famous Amalfi Coast. Join me on one of the scheduled group walks in various locations in the Veneto region, or contact me for a private tailor-made programme in a location of your choice.


I am passionate about nature and sustainability. During my walks you will have the opportunity to discover, experience and interpret local natural wonders you would probably miss otherwise. Every tour is authentic, entertaining, and educational, and always performed with the utmost respect towards the natural environment.


In addition to delving into the wonders of nature, my tours are packed with local insights, cultural discoveries, and authentic local experiences. From locally guided wine tastings to strolls through old villages and heritage sites, we will always aim to support and connect with the local communities we visit.

“I remember warm and humid summers spent in woods of acacia and hornbeam, or even the hikes on mountain peaks with my parents, and the cold winters, the scent of burnt wood, the dusk on the pinewood back home. The smell and feelings of nature are a part of my everyday personal experience, away from the noise of city centre.”


Most frequent questions and answers

The walks on offer have different activity levels, from short easy trails suitable to children and beginners, to challenging hikes aimed at experienced walkers looking for vigorous exercise. 

Each walk is graded EASY, INTERMEDIATE or DIFFICULT depending on its characteristics: distance, altitude gain, type of terrain and total walking time. To make sure you choose the right experience for you, check the activity description upon booking, or contact me for more information.

For any doubt about difficulty, I am available for more information and suggestions.

No, unless clearly specified in the itinerary’s description. I recommend wearing comfortable breathable clothing and layers depending on season, as well as sturdy walking shoes or boots.

Optional technical equipment such as walking sticks, headlamp etc is available if requested at time of registration. Don’t forget your water bottle and packed lunch (if indicated in the programme).

Yes, if the walks are advertised as suitable to families with children.

No, people of all age can join, but you must ensure you are in good health and that you join a walk suitable for you level of fitness.

Your pets are always welcome however this needs to be requested at time of booking. I will evaluate whether a specific itinerary is safe for your pet, which need to be always on a leash.

The available payment methods will be indicated at the time of registration It is usually possible to pay cash or card on the day of the event, before leaving for the walk.

The collection of gift vouchers can be communicated via email at time of registration.

Sure! Feel free to contact me via email or phone and together we can create the perfect itinerary for your needs.

The walks are available in Italian and/or English. In the itinerary’s description you will find the language for the planned event.